A “Featured Photium Customer Website”

If you have not noticed it before, my website has been designed with the awesome user friendly tools of and hosted by the team of PHOTIUM.
I am honoured to have my main website listed as one of the “Featured Photium Customer Websites” on Photium’s home page! You can have a look by clicking THIS LINK.
Photium has hosted my website since 27 June 2011 and I always received excellent quick service and feedback from Will and the other guys behind the scenes! The service combined with a great product and the excellent servers, make for a product that I can recommended to anyone without hesitation! No wonder many of my photographer friends have also chosen them as a gateway to take their work global!

Make sure you have a look at Photium’s website if you haven’t already!And if, for some or other reason, you have no visited my main website before, have a look at LINRU PHOTOGRAPHY – REFLECTIONS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA.