Blogger to WordPress – Moving my Blog

It was long overdue, but I eventually took a leap of faith and moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress!



Blogger has been very kind to me over the past couple of years and had the added advantage of it being administered by Google, which resulted in my blog and posts being highly rated on the web and search engines. Blogger’s integration with other Google products are smooth and easy, but my blog looked and “felt” like all other Blogger blogs out there!

I did some research and realized the only and best alternative was a self-hosted WordPress blog. Some of the articles that I came across to help me in the process was by Digital InspirationWPBeginnerrtCampFabulous Blogging and NoseGraze to mention a few. It was however not as straight forward as it initially seemed and learning the ropes in WordPress for the first time was rather daunting.

Exploring the possibilities in WordPress was and still is great fun and a rather big eye opener – There are literally thousand of templates, plugins and widgets to choose from!

I also found that BlueHost comes highly rated as a Web Hosting Service Provider and joined them to host the blog. This is probably the BIGGEST advantage of a self-hosted blog or website – I do not have to worry about image sizes, kilobytes or gigs, as I now have unlimited upload space and can have as many websites as I want to (and if I want to)! Have a look at these details on the BlueHost website.

I also opted to purchase ProPhoto as their highly customizable templates and designs are ideal for my photographic needs. In addition I can now display HUGE images on my blog with a responsive design that allows for retina images to be uploaded and displayed.

Are there any negatives? Well, you will notice at not all my previous blog posts are properly “formatted” and still looks kind of weird – Merely a result of the importing process during which I probably did something wrong (or not). I will edit the affected posts as soon as possible, but in the meantime…